5 Ways to Refresh Your Room

A new season is upon us and with new vibes, it's time to freshen up your favorite space! 

If you know me it's not surprise that I enjoy recreating a room, ie. I move things around A LOT. In fact, my husband has turned down the idea of built-ins in certain rooms because he knows I like to change things up "too frequently".

But, there are certain rooms that the furniture is in it's best spot and I'm only able to move the décor around. When I've got the itch to get things freshened up I first spend some time organizing and purging. This immediately helps the space feel lighter. 



Add Some Pillows: 

Adding a few throw pillows can really help change up your color scheme. Try mixed shapes and patterns. 

Add Some Plants: 

Plants are such a great way to decorate and bring a natural vibe to your space. If you have an open space in your home that would be great for a plant, visit your local plant store and ask what would be best for your home (light situation, watering commitment). Plop it in a fun planter and you're good to go!

Swap Out Your Doormat:

Doormats - I love to love them. They are a fun an inexpensive way to update your entry.

Change Your Wall Décor:

Visiting an resale shop is always a fun way to add new, unique wall décor or try a paint by number and have it framed! A favorite way to organize craft and play room spaces is with this Canvas Wall Organizer. It has grommets for easy hanging and is durable enough to hold the heaviest and sharpest of things.

Add Entertaining Must-Haves:

It seems like it's been forever since we've entertained indoors, but it's back and we're loving every second of welcoming friends and neighbors. Add entertaining pieces, like bar tools and games to your common spaces for a fun vibe. 



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