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I'll be sharing with you new products I've found (and why I love them), recipes, articles, and what's going on around here.  

What's new?

In February I made the move from basement storage space to a workspace in downtown Glen Ellyn. Why didn't I do this sooner?! I have so much more space and I love having somewhere to go to. Plus, it's really nice to see all of my products displayed. 

Last week we participated in Downtown Glen Ellyn's Sip and Shop event. It's an event where local shops offer discounts and promotions while a $15 drink ticket gets you a few cocktails. Fun, right?! Anyway, it was the first time I opened my doors to the public for shopping. I enjoyed sharing Muirwood locally and hope to do this more. Currently I'm offering shopping by appointment only, but will be open occasionally and for special events.

Just In!

With the expansion of space I've been curating more than ever. Some of my favorite new additions include kids bath items by Dabble & Dollop, gardening must-haves from Barebones Living, and brass plant animals from Another Studio out of the UK.


Dabble & Dollop: 

Your toddler is no longer a passive, sensitive-skinned baby. It’s time to toss the non-foaming baby shampoo and trash the squeezable mold-infested toys that have been housed in your tub the last two years. It’s time to give your kids products designed specifically for them. With their 3-1 Mixables, the products themselves become the centerpiece of the bath experience- watch as your kids Dabble & Dollop and blend up a better bath! Shop bath bombs, hand soaps, and mixable bubbles.

Barebones Living:

Our latest addition to our Garden Collection. Each of their exceptional designs are creative, original, and express an attention to small details, and a desire to improve the world from the ground up. Shop gardening tools and leather work gloves.

Another Studio:

A plant loving, design company from London.  They specialize in Plant Animal decorations, houseplant accessories, terrarium trinkets and plant care! Shop cute miniature animals to decorate your houseplants and terrariums. Our favorites are the caterpillar and hot air balloon!



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