Our Tuesday Favorite

Unplug, unwind, paint, and frame.

I've been struggling with an activity for myself after finishing our daughter's bedtime routine. I'm not big on tv and I prefer audiobooks on my walks in the morning. When these paint anywhere kits arrived a couple of weeks ago I snagged one (the perk of owning a retail store). I'm so glad I did, because these kits provide a new way to relax! 


Each kit includes a great quality template printed canvas, a set of 5 premium brushes, and pots of acrylic paint with the appropriate colors with corresponding numbers. Also to make your craft easy and more joyful they've added a small printed finished picture to guide and inspire your painting.

Even if you are new to this whole experience still it will be worth every hour spent. Each project takes about 12 hours. Enjoy and have fun with ease as each of the areas is numbered so that you can match the paint with the number. Just start at the number of your choice and just go with the flow. 

Your masterpiece doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful!  Enjoy the craft and the process and your beautiful new piece!



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