Stay Warm Hot Toddy Gift Box

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Stay Warm Hot Toddy Gift Box

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Stay warm this winter with our thoughtfully curated Hot Toddy Gift Box. Each organized gift box includes a olive-tinted glass mug, organic honey, wooden honey dip stick, and Wood Stove Hot Toddy drink mix (lovely to drink on it's own or with your favorite spirit). Send one of these to your neighbors, friends, or clients. Let us handle delivery with this ready-to-ship box.

**Please note we are sold out of the olive tinted mug pictured. We are substituting with a clear glass mug. In addition, we have lowered the price due to the hot toddy manufacturing adjustment to 8oz bottles versus 16oz.

1. Certified Organic Honey: Mini Specialty Muth Jars are made of glass and cork, complete with the design of an old-fashioned beehive and “4 OZ Pure Honey” script. Contains 4oz honey.

2. Wood Honey Dip Stick: Designed to draw honey around it's unique shape, the honey dipper allows you to easily transfer your honey onto your favorite dishes.
Gently wash honey off with warm water.

3. Clear Glass Libby Mug | 13 oz. | Dishwasher & microwave safe | 3 3/8 “

4. Wood Stove Hot Toddy Mix: Our Hot Toddy Mix soothes the throat and will warm your entire body. It begins with all-natural wildflower honey, lemon juice, ginger, and a blend of spices. Just mix it with tea or hot water, or add a splash of whiskey, brandy, or rum for a classic hot toddy. The 8oz bottle will make around 4 hot toddies.